Braun Series 7 790cc Review

Braun Series 7 790cc Review

Braun Series 7 790cc Review healthyguides



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Why Most Men Prefer to Select Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver: A Comprehensive Review:

Braun is a well- famous German electronics and private product manufacturing company. The  Braun 7790cc-4 series electric shaver has achieved the world greatest shaver brand by a chief market research.

The unique and amazing features make the shaver quite expensive, and it delivers men absolute grooming feeling. It is easy to apply, simple to maintain and puts the focus on high quality as well as great durability.

Moreover, application of extremely innovative technology named Sonic Technology makes the product quite exceptional from another shaver.

Is it the best selection for fulfilling your shaving sensation? Within this extensive review, you will inform everything regarding the Braun series 7790cc-4. As a result of this, you can take the right decision.

 What Are Top  Features Of Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver?

#Apply Sonic Technology: Braun realizes actual requirement of men as a result of this the company tries to improve the Sonic technology and apply technology to their products. The Sonic technology not only confirms a bright hair shave but it also guarantees to time proficiency by focusing on the maximization of strength abilities.

It provides the painless hair cutting method. Every stroke of the blade will catch the hair and cut it efficiently. The technology has the fantastic power to cut the thick, chunky hair in a very short time.

Moreover, the technology is blessed with triple function cutting formula with 10, 000 micro vibrations each minute to trim the shortest hair to the longest hair.

Cleaning Station: You can clean Braun series 7790cc electric shaver very easily, without spending too much time. Users have to follow the simple technique:

*Set the cleaning resolution primer into the station, push power switch and the machine will do the remain activities automatically.

The technique cleans the electric shaver effectively, maintaining the hygiene. It also confirms proper lubrication to protect destruction and breakdown.

Moreover, cleaning cartridge provides service for almost 1.5 months. You have to replace cartridge each 4-6 weeks interval, actually, it relies on a number of shaving or how frequent you use the shaver. A-3 pack alcohol formulated cartridge has the longevity of almost 1 year, which is very cost- effective.

Completely Flexible Shaving Method: Braun 7790cc electric shaver is featured with entirely flexible shaving head for confirming easily to reach the difficult area, you can enjoy painless shaving experience.

Both the micro motion and macro motion technology provides a magnificent combination which confirms that men will be capable of shaving skin completely and unbelievably near to skin without any cutting hazardous.

Easy And Simple Utilization: Among the different shaver on the market Braun series 77900 actually reach a new stage.

The most important noticeable feature is that the product is blessed with most improved LCD display than other branded shaver of Braun. It provides a signal when the battery starts running low. As a result of this, you can inform regarding the proper time requirement for charging, and the necessity of cleaning.

The battery will be completely charged within one hour. This provides additional facility not to recharge the shaver with an extra cord.

The second noticeable feature is that it can be cleaned completely very easily without wastage of time. Moreover, it is really easy to handle due to lightweight and user-friendly design.

Using 2x Opti Foil Design: Braun 7790cc -4 series electric shaver is adorned with opti foil blades, which perform in a horizontal process. These type of blades are famous for great efficiency and high-quality performance.

These blades are very powerful and sharp and have the ability to catch and cutting each individual hair. This shaver also confirms very near, bright, and pleasant shave and protect your skin from unexpected irritation.

The amazing opti foil design also ensures smooth and speedy operation without the necessity of performing process repeatedly. You also keep in mind that the lifespan of shaver cassette.

You can replace the blades within each 6 months for maintain the durability of an electric shaver and protecting your skin from irritation problem. You may realize painful shaving and skin irritation problem if blades are not replaced on time.

What About Benefits of Shaver?

#Triple function cutting formula.

#Apply smart and sonic technology.

#Impressionable cutting ingredients.

#Different performance style: Sensitive, Normal, Intensive to fit your requirement.

# Completely flexible shaving head makes it simple to reach the tough area.

#Maximized cutting components.

#Central and direct trimming facility.

#Complete washability advantage.

#Not heavy.

#Suitable design provides a pleasant holding facility.

#Suitable for using when switched on and off.

#Great quality manufactured.

#Can be charged very quickly and provides service up to 50 minutes on a singular charge.

#An improved washing and changing process which clear, charge, and polish the shaver for long lasting.

#Easily obtainable and cost-effective replaceable parts.

# Suitable for sensitive skin also.

Are There Any Drawbacks of Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver?

#Not applicable for wet shaving.

#Although considers quiet shaver but some customers treat product a little bit noisy.

#Lack of extra accessories.

#Gives particular shaving time( app 50 minutes)

#Attach only one cleaning canister.

#Quite expensive.

What About Appearance?

Users will be really delighted by using this amazing electric shaver. On every side of the shaver, there are two long parts of black colored rubber to permit you to hold shaver more safely.

One can easily handle the shaver in any type of shaving components materials such as water, soap, gels or shaving creams.

On the bottom of the shaver, there is a circular button having a blue circle in the medium. Moreover, users can easily select shaver speed level according to his demand because there are separate two power levels on the shaver.

Customers can also notice battery status through battery status exhibitor, whereas cleaning exhibitor indicates exact time to establish the cleaning station. Both of these facilities feature to make the shaver really unique from another brand.

Is the Braun Series 7 Worth the Price?

The Braun 7790cc electric shaver is quite expensive than another general shaver on market. Moreover, shaver includes both the cleaning and charging section.

The total packages include the following accessories:

*7790cc shaver.

*A clean and renew charging method.

*A cleaning brush.

*Smart plug, a clean renew cartridge, a protection cap, travel pouch for secure transportation services.

Why Should Men Select  Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver?

This electric shaver is a perfect choice who consider shaving seriously. Men can hope a noticeably near shaving experience. There is   some inherent reason to select this shaver:

*Shaver uses improved opti foil design to cut the hair deeply and to perform the task easily.

* The second reason is that it ensures absolute pleasure and satisfaction. Braun series are exceptionally pleasurable to use. It is not only satisfiable to handle it, but also confirms close shaving in less time. The shaver is also applicable for people having sensitive skin.

* Finally Braun 7 series is wonderful shaving solution for managing completed areas( like neck and jaw area) perfectly. User,s don’t have to face problems such as; unwanted bleeding, painful shaving.

Furthermore, the application of Active Lift middle trimmer technology shaves flat lying hairs without any complexity.


In conclusion, extremely unique and high valued attributes make the Braun 77900-4 series really great electric shaving product for most of the men wanting to select an electric shaver option. The product is committed to providing you appreciable shaving experience.

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