Clarisonic Mia 2 Review

Clarisonic Mia 2 Review

Looking For Facial Cleansing Brush? Clarisonic Mia2, 2 Speed Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush Review:

Cleansing plays a very significant role for complete skin care routine. You have to select a perfect facial cleansing brush to ensure a good result. The Clarisonic face brush is a small and perfect cleansing brush dedicated to suit your lifestyle and assist you to achieve bright, smooth and healthy skin.

Founded by Clarisonic company Clarisonic Mia-2 has achieved one of the best facial cleansing brush suggested and applied by dermatologists of U.S.A.

Clarisonic face brush applies improved sonic technology to softly remove toxins and impurities from your skin and provide your skin a new fresh look, which you don’t experience before.  This facial cleansing brush has the remarkable capacity to pull out every unexpected thing such as the black head. Mia-2 is blessed with two speeds for first cleaning purposes. This cleansing brush is a fantastic solution not only for removing little bumps, red spots, and blackheads but also for improving daily skin care routine to get better and smooth skin.

Features & Highlights of ClarisonicFace Brush:

# Blessed With 2 Different Speed: Clarisonic Mia-2 facial cleansing brush is blessed with two distinct speed action with T-zone timer which has the super power to clean in just 1 minute. It performs six times better than single hand washing.

# 60 Seconds Pulsing T –Timer: Clarisonic Mia-2 provides smooth and comprehensive cleansing facility. This cleansing brush includes T- timer which pulses instantly to show it is time to pass to other portion of your face.

#Exchangeable Facial Brush Heads: Clarisonic face brush provides you excellent selection facilities. You can exchange facial brush heads, according to your skin types or situation. Every facial brush head is exceptionally designed to meet your goals.

To feel clear, bright feeling mia-2 cleansing brush provides three different brush heads. One for normal/ sensitive, one suitable for acne, another for deep cleansing formula. It is advised to replace brush head once each three months.

# Ensure 2 Years Guarantee: Mia-2 provides two years warranty. You can apply the excellent product without any problems and confusion.

# Delivers Rich Care Of Your Face: Sonic Mia-2 facial cleansing brush provides extra facial care each day.

Advantages of Clarisonic Mia-2 Facial Cleansing Brush:

#Mia-2  cleansing brush is an excellent product for reducing fine lines, the presence of pores, and wrinkles.

#Makes the texture of face smoother than the previous time.

#Useful to improve the generation of collagen.

#You can use other branded cleaning materials or moisturizers along with the mia-2 facial cleansing brush. You don’t have to avoid them because all of them are perfect to be utilized along with Clarisonic face brush.

#The cleansing brush is waterproof. You can apply it in the bath time also. Saving your extra time is effective.

#Mia-2 provides the portable facility. You can easily carry it anywhere you travel.

#You don’t have to concern regarding when you have to switch off the product because Clarisonic face brush automatically turns off after 60 seconds.

#You can purchase brush heads according to your requirement and replace it.

#You will feel fresher and healthier than before because this cleansing brush cleans up and freshens up the skin more useful.

In addition to Mia-2 has excellent absorption power to absorb skin creams, serum, moisturizers as well as medications.

# Mia- 2 has exfoliation facilities. It cleans up shrink pores, minimizes extra oil, and removes acne and peeling.

#You may use the Clarisonic Mia-2 facial cleansing brush two times each day because the application effect is very light.

#This cleansing brush has achieved high approval from customers. Almost 96% of women realized great smooth, soft and healthy-looking skin. It ensures high quality. Moreover, it provides exceptionally long- lasting facility.

# Clarisonic cleansing brush offers customized cleaning service. It is mainly manufactured to address various skin concerns such as sensitive, acne prone, dull, broken or fragile skin problems.

Ingredients of Clarisonic Mia-2 Facial Cleansing Brush:

100% protected nontoxic environmentally saving ingredients. The brush head bristles are formed from non-porous, soft elastomeric polyester elements preventive to the bacterial connection.

To get a valid result, it is suggested to change the brush heads each three months, because the bristles become less workable over time.

How To Use Clarisonic Mia-2 Facial Cleansing Brush?

*Before to the first application charge the Clarisonic face brush for almost one day or 24 hours.

*It is necessary to remove eye – makeup, if you have any eye- makeup when using the product because of Mia- 2 brushes are not compatible for cleaning up the eye portion of your face.

*Wash your skin along with brush head with mild hot water. Freely use a Mia-2 cleaner to your face or skin.

*Push the on/off switch to turn the cleansing brush on and mildly pass the brush applying a little circular movement.

Try to starts from the forehead, then going to nose/ chin portion and the cheeks.

*Do not press the cleanser very roughly. It may hamper the pace of the brush and decrease its productiveness.

*To stop the cleansing function for up to 30 seconds, just press on/ off switch. Mia-2 automatically shut down after 60 seconds.

* This facial cleansing brush is waterproof. You can use it in the shower time also.

*Refer to necessary protection concerning the charger.

What Can You Expect From Cleansing Brush Kit? 

The  kit includes the following thing:

#Clarisonic Mia-2.

#Common voltage charger.

#Sensitive brush head.

#1 oz trial cleanser.

#Protecting travel box.

Are There Any Drawbacks of Clarisonic Mia-2 Facial Cleansing Brush?

*Quite expensive. This is a little bit expensive compared to other cleansing brushes on the market because it applies the technologically advanced formula to ensure a better result.

*Might be too harsh for sensitive skin.

* Replacement of head brushes are a little bit expensive.

*Some customers think it can over exfoliate skin.

*May experience smaller acne at first application of the product. Don’t worry they will vanish within a day.

What About Side Effects of Sonic Cleansing Brush?

Some customers may experience negative feeling in the first week of applying the mia-2clarisonic face brush because they are usually not used to the deep cleansing system. Mia-2 enters your skin deeply and bring off all the dirt as well as germs to the surface.

This may be responsible for developing blackheads, pimples.Don’t frustrated and don’t stop applying sonic- mia-2 cleansing brush, otherwise you will fail to realize fantastic result and enjoy smooth, bright looking.


Is it the perfect selection for your skin? The actual solution to this question relies on how you apply Clarisonic products. You may feel discouraged by figuring out some of the disadvantages of the Clarisonic face brush.

The Clarisonic facial cleansing brush shows incredible performance, which is suitable for your oily, dry, normal, or combination skin requirement. Go forward and apply the cleansing brush to observe clear development in your skin quality.

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