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Fitbit Charge 2 Review

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Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband, Black, Large Review:

Targeting fitness objectives and maintaining a proper diet is not only one solution to living a healthy life. To obtain such goals you must find a fantastic device to track your daily workouts properly. You can select Fitbit charge 2  heart rate plus fitness wristband to a record of your daily activities along with proper measurement of calorie burn through workout programs like- cycling, running etc.

This revolutionary fitness tracker tracks the quantity of calories you burned. Pure plus continuous heart rate creates it very easy to maximize exercise session, provides a complete brief of cardio strength level. With this auto sleep trackers, you can inform regarding your quality of sleep.

Multi-monitor facilities activity tracks multi-sports activities and exercises automatically. Additionally, with more developed attributes in a complete package,  it’s the inspiration you require to push yourself continuously in every step of life.

What About Main Features And Advantages?

Authentic Pulse And Continuous Heart Rate:

It tracks the heart rate continuously, and automatically all day and during workout times to record calorie burn. It measures the severity of workouts and feels your fitness in a better manner.

Track All Types Of Everyday Activities Degree:

It monitors all day actions properly such as measures steps, total distance crossed, total calories burned, floors climbed out, effective minutes, as well as hourly performances.

Understand Standard Of Sleep:

This amazing product measures quality and length of sleep effectively. With the help of soundless and vibrating alarm system, you can wake up from sleep without creating any trouble your family members.

Conducted Breathing Sessions: Remaining quiet and feeling relaxed after an exercise session is as essential as staying active. Conducted breathing sessions are helpful to find out period of tranquil and peaceful throughout the day to stay you well relaxed and cheerful.

Connected GPS: The charge Fitbit 2 band is fantastic for runners as it applies your Smartphone’s GPS to indicate your actual starting time along with motion, total distance crossed, and a road map journey when you reach home.

Smartphone Alarm Technology: This fitness product will track your call, important notifications such as text, SMS or appointment so that you can not forget essential events.

Moreover, it provides customize facility through OLED touch presentation along with exchangeable clock faces to fit your fashion.

Various Sports Tracker: Records various types of workouts particularly running, weight lifting, yoga, walking, relaxation activities etc to provide you more perfect and current stats.

The particular type of exercises like hiking and cycling are naturally monitored with the smart track. As a result of this, you feel relieved if you miss logging a workout program.

Wireless Syncing Facility: This fantastic fitness tracker is suitable for more than 150 leading smartphones. It is also applicable for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, tablets etc.

Moreover, the charge 2 fitness tracker provides current information so that you don’t have to worry about outside world while performing exercises. One also keep in mind that it only permits 3G or 4G services for sharing purposes such as distance, speed, motion.

Remain Charged For a Long Time: Battery provides services for a long time. The battery remains active for almost 5 days on a single charge.

It records your improvement in the elaborate diagram which is beneficial to increase your inspiration to obtain fitness targets.

Wonderful Remainders To Remain Active: To assist you to remain active throughout the day charge 2 reminders to move which motivates you to perform 250 steps each hour.

Waterproof Product: Fitbit charge 2 is a completely waterproof product. It is applicable for sweating, raining, and splash proof. Although the machine does not allow swimming or bathing like any tools its good for your skin if the band remain dried and clear.

Blessed With Bright OLED Display: Large, bright, OLED display allow you to read very easily day or even night.

What Are Product Specifications?

Brand: Fitbit

Color: Black Silver.

Display Type: Digital.

Type: Fitness Tracker.

Size: Large.

Suitable with: Android, IOS, Smartphones, Windows.

Shipping Weight: 1 pound.

Guarantee: 1 year.


Silent Alarm: yes.

Watch Type: Sport

Programmable: Yes.


Rechargeable facility: Yes.

Type of battery: Lithium-polymer.

Another Important point:

Minimum wrist size: 6.7 inches.

Maximum wrist size: 8.1 inches.

Feedback type: Vibration alert.

Charge time: 1 to 2 hours.

Memory: 7 days of detailed data.

What About Safety Information?

# Long time rubbing and pressure can contribute to skin irritation problem. To solve this difficulty, it is better to remove the device from the wrist for at least 1 hour after elongated wear.

#If you are very sensitive to allergic complexities or eczema, you may be facing skin allergy problem by wearing tool.

# Putout the fitness band from wrist if you realize continuous skin irritation problem or unexpected redness on the skin. If the signs continue for more than 2-3 days consult with a skin specialist or dermatologists.

#If you experience continual sweating for more than 2 hours be confirm to clean both your fit bit band and wrist maintaining the indications to prevent skin irritation.

#It is not good practice to wear a wet fit band for prolonged time.

#If the band gets wet let it dry properly before wearing it on the wrist.

#Be confirm you wear a band on the dry wrist.

#Regular cleanliness of band is necessary.

# It is essential to completely dry your ultimate elastomer and dispels any ruins from device to protect skin irritation.

#Please remind that you should keep away non-elastomer elements from water.

Are There Any Disadvantages Of  Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate Fitness Tracker?

#Vibration is noticeably less stronger than the actual charge.

#Sometimes don’t provide an expected result for a deep sleeper.

#Improper distance recording to notice all the notifications at a time. Scrolls information slowly compares to Blaze.

#Not designed for swimming and bathing purposes.

# Lack of onboard GPS tracking.

#Only supports connected GPS.

#Heavy for small wristed people.

#Incompatible side scrolling messages on a vertical display.

#Might require a smartphone for GPS tracking.


If you are serious about to obtain good quality fitness tracker to achieve your goal you can surely select this revolutionary device.

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