Mental Health Information For Balanced life Some Of The Best Tips To Mental Health

Mental Health Information For Balanced life Some Of The Best Tips To Mental Health

People who are emotionally or mentally balanced can control their emotions positively and effectively. Achieving positive attributes helps us to meet up challenges and manage stress level. Proper mental health information is very much essential for our life , because we cannot leading healthy and happy life neglecting mental health. This article will discuss on specific mental health information like definition of mental health, Different types of mental illness such as anxiety disorder, depression, personality and eating disorder, their reasons, symptoms, risk and tips to handle sickness,  effective tips to boost mental health .

Mental health information
Definition of Mental or Emotion Health: Mental or emotion health means entire psychological well fare. It includes all elements such as our feelings, nature of  relationship, our capacity to manage complexity and difficulties of life. Adopting changes, balancing between professional and personal life, valuing yourself, focusing on self confidence and esteem, building strong relationship, managing stress effectively all are some identical positive attributes for leading healthy mental health.
Different types of mental illness:we must aware of different type of mental problem or illness. Mental health is not free from mental problems. We must know techniques to fight against various types of mental sickness. This section will discuss on various common types of mental illness, such as anxiety disorder, depression, personality and eating disorder, their reasons, symptoms, risk and tips to handle sickness.
Anxiety Disorders:Anxiety disorders means illness related with anxiety, solicitude,and fear. Different person has different personality. Sometimes people feel excessive worry for handling certain situations. One might be worry for attaining interview in near future, or anxiety related with participating in examination. These type of feelings are more remarkable with  person who has anxiety sickness .sometimes fear, anxiety  hampers normal life. . General indicators  of anxiety include: feelings of  fear or funk for something , problem related with proper sleeping, and concentrating on specific activities, desire to run away from certain situations etc.Person who is suffering from anxiety disorder might experience some physical complications, such as- sweating, dried mouth, heavy and quick breathing, loss of hair, shaking, rapid heartbeat, Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) etc. anxiety disorders will be treated according to various symptoms and seriousness of such symptoms. There are various types of anxiety disorders such as- General anxiety disorder, Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) panic illness,, social anxiety disorder, and particular  anxiety for something, such Toilet-related anxiety etc.
Reasons for anxiety disorders:Researchers do not find out the main factors or culprit for anxiety disorders. Sometimes persons react to specific situation differently. Chemicals of brain and particular  environment, past painful experience might be reasons for anxiety.
Risk involved with Anxiety Disorders:Sometimes anxiety disorder create various long and short term problems and hinders our life style, such as- problem related with sleeping and sex,drinking of alcohol, receiving drugs, losing socialization skills etc.
Tips to Mange Anxiety Disorder: You should take care of yourself. You must be award regarding selection of proper diet, exercise, relationships and  regular routine  of your life. You  have to find out factors which are responsible for causing anxiety for you. You might learn various methods from internet, or books related with various ways for managing anxiety. You may consult with doctor regarding tackle anxiety disorder. One may also seek mental support from his family members, friends or loved ones .
Depression: Depression is the most familiar mental sickness among other types of illness in the world. Anyone can be victim of depression regardless of age. Studies show that  about one in ten people can experience depression in their whole life. There is significant difference between feeling depressed and depression. People can be depressed for various reasons such as sudden death of loved ones, failing in examination. All depressed people might not have depression. Depression lasts for long time at least more than two months. Depression is not a signal of weakness, which is not treatable. There are different stages of depression such as ‘mild’, ‘moderate’ or ‘severe’. There are various types of depression such as: Clinical depression, Depressive episode, Dysthymia, Psychotic depression, Recurrent depressive disorder etc.
Common indicators of Depression:Due to the depression people feel sad, experience low mood for long time. He might be angry all the time. Losing energy and interest in different activities of life like- watching tv, reading books, are also important signals of depression. It is very difficult to concentrate on something .There is tendency of depressed people to eat or sleep less or more and become tired very easily. Losing confidence level , guilty feelings, trying to commit suicide are also some common symptoms of  depression.
Reasons for Depression: Various factors are responsible for depression. Due to the hormone and chemical imbalance women can experience depression during different sphere of life. Thyroid problem, deficiency of certain vitamins  like B12 can cause depression.  Having problems with your thyroid may be linked to low mood and increased risk of depression symptoms.You are at more of a risk of developing depression if you have low levels of certain B vitamins such as B12.Genetical factor, stressful condition, negative experience, smoking, taking drugs  sometimes may create depression also.
Risks  involved with Depression:Depression has negative impact not only on mental health but also on our relationship and social life. Depressed person feels various problems such as- problem related with sleeping and sex, taking drugs, committing suicide etc.

Tips to handle Depression:
Maintaining healthy lifestyle such as- performing exercise regularly, preserving balanced diet, involving in hobbies, and relaxation activities like gardening, listening music, reading books, help to boost good mood and remove depression. You must develop good social network to get support .
Personality Disorder:Personality disorder means mental  illness related with  thinking, feelings and  behaviors or personality .People who have this illness have excessive and rigid  personality attributes which are upsetting to the person. Sometimes personality disorders hinders normal social and work life. Victim of this mental illness actually develop remarkably different personality from others. Sometimes it is very difficult to change such personality traits.  As it is a complex illness, the  symptoms of personality disorders are not easily find out.
Reasons for Personality Disorders:Some specific factors might cause this mental illness such as genetic factors, environmental factors, experiencing painful events  or emotional factors etc.
Eating disorders: Eating disorder means maintaining unhealthy relationship with foods.person who has eating disorder either consume high amount of food or low amount of food. Sometimes this illness is responsible for developing serious health complaints like heart problems or kidney failure. Due to psychological factors, misconception about health, environmental factors, imbalance of hormone person might be victim of this mental problems.
Some of the best tips to boost mental health:
1.Take care of phychical health:There is positive and direct relationship between physical and mental health. Physical soundness helps to keep mentally fit and strong. One can take care of his physical health by maintaining some guidelines such as eating  nutritive meals, drinking sufficient water, avoiding smoking, and performing exercise . Exercise plays vital role to boost up  moods and  reduce anxiety .
2. Ensure Sufficient sleep: Sufficient amount of sleep ensures mental and physical fitness. One can maintain regular routine for proper sleep. We require seven to eight hours sleep every night to restore our mind and body.

3. Develop Social Relationship: Human being is social creature. He can not live alone. Building strong and supportive relationships with family and friends helps us to lead a healthy life. Our family members, or friends provide us mental support .try to be generous in relationship because it provides immense mental satisfaction and happiness
4. Manage Stress level: we can not avoid stress,  because it becomes the part of our daily life. We should develop new mechanism to manage stress. Performing exercise, medication walking outside, listening music, spending time with pet animal all  are different methods of reducing stress level. It is also true that laughter is the best medicine.
5. Focus on Relaxation:Todays life is very much competitive, and stressful. Sometimes, We have to maintain deadline or fulfilling expectations to reach our goals. You should manage time to get relaxed and enjoy leisure period. It has positive impact to develop healthy mind. There are various ways to get relaxed. You may involved in gardening, fishing, reading book, taking bath, watching  favorite tv programs, listening music shopping, or even performing exercise like yoga.
6. Try to  Minimize Bad Habits: To ensure healthy living you should try to avoid some bad habits like taking drugs  or drinking alcohol.Both drugs and alcohol has negative side affects for our physical and mental health.

7.Respecting Yourself:Try to respect yourself. Try to develop methods to adapt self-criticism positively. Negative mentally only welcomes frustration.  Involvement in favorite activities, gardening , dancing ,recreational activities help to broaden our mind.

We must be conscious about our mental health. We can not ensure good healthy life without healthy mental health.

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